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OxyContin 20 mg (Oxycodone) 20 tabl


OxyContin 20 mg


20 Controlled release tablets

  • Active Ingredient:
    Each tablet OxyContin 20 contains Oxycodone hydrochloride 20 mg.
  • Inactive Ingredients:
    Polyethylene oxide, Magnesium stearate, Hypromellose, Titanium dioxide, Macrogol.
    Each tablet OxyContin 20 contains Polysorbate 80, Red iron oxide.
Pharmacological Group:

Opioid analgesics.

Therapeutic Activity

Relieves moderate and severe continuous pain.

Side effects

  • Breathing difficulties, respiratory depression;
  • swelling of the face, and/or throat;
  • rash, itching;
  • convulsions;
  • confusion, memory disturbance, hallucinations, thought disturbances, speech difficulties, severe drowsiness, nervousness, depression, mood changes, anxiety, tremor, headache, fatigue, weakness, movement disturbance;
  • strong abdominal pain, intestinal obstruction, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, loss of appetite, changes of taste, anorexia;
  • hypotension, loss of consciousness, rapid heart rate;
  • urinating difficulties, dehydration;
  • excessive sweating, chill;
  • constricted eye pupils;

Store in a temperature below 25°C.


Rafa Laboratories Ltd., Israel.

License Number: 100 70 28432


Also known as: Oxycodone HCL, Roxicodone, Endocet, Roxicet, Tylox, Ratio-Oxycocet, OxyNorm, Endone, Targin, Targiniq, Targinact, Naloxone, Percocet


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