Shipments and returns

Delivery by Air Post to any city/settlement in the word except Arab countries. Delivery time within 10-20 days after sending. Parcels are sent from Israel. 

Order processing time take 1 working day (holidays not included)
In some cases order processing time may take (3-5 business days)

Parcels arrive at post office near your location (according rules of your local national post). Medicine names are not indicated on the parcel for compliance with medical ethics as required in the formal health. Parcels are sent every day from Israel, excluding Saturdays and holidays. Delivery is carried out by national postal service in your country. Each parcel should pass over customs check up in you country (packages may be detained. In those cases we refund money)

Shipping to Arab countries is unavailable (due to lack of postal service between Israel and Arab countries). Cash on delivery between Israel and other countries is not possible, as there is no such agreement between the postal services of Israel and other countries, therefore it is necessary to pay in advance before parcel dispatch. 

Buyer/Seller Agreement:

* Medicines are given to Alishech Virtual Medical Clinic customers (ALISHECH VMC IS NOT ONLINE PHARMACY)
* If the parcel is not delivered, or the delivery content is damaged, the buyer will be compensated by the entire amount of the order, or the company will ship a new package according with the buyer’s wishes.  In case of refund, the money will be refunded by the same method as used for paying. Commissions to bank or other transfer systems are not available to refund
* Buyers who choose to buy and use medicines indicated on the website are confirm that they suffer from their disease and will use the medicines to purpose of treatment of the disease as specified in their order form
* By choosing to buy on this website, the buyer thus gets the opportunity to be treated by Israeli medicines without coming to Israel for treatment (which significantly reduces the expenses).

100% Delivery Warranty
Each customer is given a tracking number which will allow him to monitor the process of delivery in the tracking system.

Delivery to all over the world directly from Israel
Estimated delivery time:

ire.jpg Ireland 5-12 days ind.jpg India 10-20 days hong.jpg Hong Kong 10-20 days chi.jpg China 10-20 days
rus.jpg Russia 7-14 days ukr.jpg Ukraine 7-14 days usa.jpg USA 5-12 days can.jpg Canada 10-20 days
rus.jpg St. Petersburg, Moscow 5-7 days bel.jpg Byelorussia 5-7 days kaz.jpg Kazakhstan 12-20 days azer.jpg Azerbaijan 10-20 days
uzb.jpg Uzbekistan 10-20 days tajikistan.jpg Tajikistan 12-20 days kyrgizstan.jpg Kyrgyzstan 10-20 days arm.jpg Armenia 10-20 days
bol.jpg Bulgaria 10-20 days latvia.jpg Latvia 10-20 days Lithuania.jpg Lithuania 10-20 days mol.jpg Moldova 10-20 days
ang.jpg England 5-12 days aus.jpg Australia 10-20 days che.jpg Czech Republic 10-20 days rom.jpg Romania 10-20 days
cip.jpg Cyprus 10-20 days est.jpg Estonia 10-20 days fin.jpg Finland 10-20 days fra.jpg France 10-20 days
gru.jpg Georgia 10-20 days japan.jpg Japan 12-20 days korea.jpg Korea 12-20 days mongolia.jpg Mongolia 10-20 days
nor.jpg Norway 10-20 days pol.jpg Poland 10-20 days rom.jpg Romania 10-20 days Taiwan 10-20 days
sweeden.jpg Sweden 10-20 days turkia.jpg Greece 10-20 days turkmenistan.jpg Turkmenistan 10-20 days vietnam.jpg Vietnam 10-20 days
phi.jpg Philippines 10-20 days indo.jpg Indonesia 10-20 days sin.jpg Singapore 10-20 days aust.jpg Austria 10-20 days
soa.jpg South Africa 10-20 days turk.jpg Turkey 10-20 days ken.jpg Kenya 10-20 days den.jpg Denmark 10-20 days
Delivery to other countries is also provided
Except arabian countries (By the reason - Between Israel and arabian countries have no postal connections)