Shipments and returns

Delivery by Air Post to any city/settlement in the word except arabian countries. Delivery time within 10-20 days after sending. Parcels are sent from Israel. 

Order processing time take 1 working day (holidays not included)
In some cases order processing time may take (3-5 business days)

Buyer/Seller Agreement:

* If the parcel has not been delivered, the receiver will be refunded the full order amount.
* If a parcel is rejected by the receiver after its reception, the return will not be accepted.
* Alishech VMC shall not be liable for product misuse. 
* Patients which take the medicines know that they suffer from the according disease. * Having chosen to purchase the remedy, the customer is enabled to receive treatment with Israeli remedies without coming to Israel (which allows a significant reduction of expenses).

100% Delivery Warranty
Each customer is given a tracking number which will allow him to monitor the process of delivery in the tracking system.

Delivery to all over the world directly from Israel
Estimated delivery time:

ire.jpg Ireland 5-12 days ind.jpg India 10-20 days hong.jpg Hong Kong 10-20 days chi.jpg China 10-20 days
rus.jpg Russia 7-14 days ukr.jpg Ukraine 7-14 days usa.jpg USA 5-12 days can.jpg Canada 10-20 days
rus.jpg St. Petersburg, Moscow 5-7 days bel.jpg Byelorussia 5-7 days kaz.jpg Kazakhstan 12-20 days azer.jpg Azerbaijan 10-20 days
uzb.jpg Uzbekistan 10-20 days tajikistan.jpg Tajikistan 12-20 days kyrgizstan.jpg Kyrgyzstan 10-20 days arm.jpg Armenia 10-20 days
bol.jpg Bulgaria 10-20 days latvia.jpg Latvia 10-20 days Lithuania.jpg Lithuania 10-20 days mol.jpg Moldova 10-20 days
ang.jpg England 5-12 days aus.jpg Australia 10-20 days che.jpg Czech Republic 10-20 days rom.jpg Romania 10-20 days
cip.jpg Cyprus 10-20 days est.jpg Estonia 10-20 days fin.jpg Finland 10-20 days fra.jpg France 10-20 days
gru.jpg Georgia 10-20 days japan.jpg Japan 12-20 days korea.jpg Korea 12-20 days mongolia.jpg Mongolia 10-20 days
nor.jpg Norway 10-20 days pol.jpg Poland 10-20 days rom.jpg Romania 10-20 days Taiwan 10-20 days
sweeden.jpg Sweden 10-20 days turkia.jpg Greece 10-20 days turkmenistan.jpg Turkmenistan 10-20 days vietnam.jpg Vietnam 10-20 days
phi.jpg Philippines 10-20 days indo.jpg Indonesia 10-20 days sin.jpg Singapore 10-20 days aust.jpg Austria 10-20 days
soa.jpg South Africa 10-20 days turk.jpg Turkey 10-20 days ken.jpg Kenya 10-20 days den.jpg Denmark 10-20 days
Delivery to other countries is also provided
Except arabian countries (By the reason - Between Israel and arabian countries have no postal connections)