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Estelle - 35 (Cyproterone acetate 2 mg, Ethinyloestradiol 0.035 mg) 21 tabl


Estelle 35

Treatment of skin problems

Every tablet includes 2 mg of cyproterone acetate and 35 mcg of ethynilestradiole.

Besides the active ingredients, the medicine consists of:

  • in the tablet’s core: lactose monohydrate, microcrystalline cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, povidone, magnesium stearate;
  • in the tablet’s coat: chinoline yellow, saccharose, Opadry White, Opadry Buff, Opaglos 6000 White.

Every tablet includes 41,19 mg of lactose monohydrate and 10,358 mg of saccharose.

21 tablets

Manufacturer: Taro International Ltd.

For what is this remedy intended?

Estelle 35 is a hormonal (antiandrogenic and estrogenic) medication, used for the elimination of skin problems: acne, excessively greasy skin and is counter-indicated for pre-catamenia adolescent girls.

Estelle 35 is used only in the case when the desired result has not been achieved by other treatment modes, including local treatment and antibiotics administration.


Do not use the medication, if:

  • you have an allergic reaction to the active or any other components of the drug;
  • you use a hormonal contraceptive;
  • you are preagnant or pregnancy is suspected;
  • you suckle a baby;
  • you afflict or were afflicted earlier with breast cancer;
  • you afflict or were afflicted earlier with leg, lungs (thrombembolia) or other body parts thrombosis;
  • you afflict or were afflicted earlier with the illness which is the symptom of possible hear attack in the future (for example, stenocardia, causing violent pain in the chest) or transient ischemic attack;
  • you afflict or were afflicted earlier with heart attack or infarction;
  • you afflict or were afflicted earlier with states which could raise the risk of arterial thrombosis;
    - diabetes, striking blood vessels;
    - very high arterial tension;
    - very high level of fats in blood (cholesterol and triglycerids).
  • you have any problems with blood coagulability;
  • you afflict or were afflicted earlier with migraine, going along with vision disturbances;
  • you afflict or were afflicted earlier with acute liver illness without its return to normal functionality;
  • you afflict or were afflicted earlier with liver tumor.

Side effects

As any other drug product, Estelle 35 could cause in some people any side effects. Do not be afraid reading the list of side effects – most likely it is that your organism would not have any untoward reaction for the medicine.

Severe side effects (you must visit a doctor immediately):

  • Severe depression. Is not the direct consequence of the medicine taking, but some women complained about it, using Estelle 35. In the very rare cases, the effect was accompanied by suicidal thoughts. If you feel the severe depression is developing, then abandon the intake of Estelle 35 for preventive goals and see a doctor at once.
  • Thrombosis, the symptoms of which could be:
    - sudden brassy cough;
    - severe pain in the chest, which could reverberate in left hand;
    - short breath
    - any rare, violent or persistent headaches (or megrim aggravation);
    - partial or full visual loss, doubling of sight;
    - scrambled speech or other language disorders;
    - sudden alterations of hearing, taste or smell;
    - giddiness or faint;
    - weakness or numbness of any body part;
    - pang in stomach;
    - severe pains in legs or their swelling.
  • Rough allergic reaction or hereditary angiodystrophy impairment. Symptoms:
    - hands, face, lips, mouth, tongue or throat tumefaction (swelling of tongue and gullet could hampere swallowng and respiration);
    - red blister rash and itching.
  • Breast cancer, symptoms of which could be:
    - skin flabbiness;
    - alteration of color and form of nipples;
    - visible or sensible hardenings.
  • Carcinoma of uterine cervix, symptoms of which could be:
    - vaginal excretions, comprising blood or having smell of blood;
    - unusual vaginal bleedings;
    - pain in pelvis;
    - pain during sexual intercourse.
  • Serious problems with liver, symptoms of which could be:
    - acute pain in stomach;
    - skin or eyes yellowing (jaundice);
    - hepatitis;
    - total body itch.

If you have one of the foregoing effects, then visit a doctor immediately. Possibly, he would ask you to cease using the medical preparation Estelle 35.

Known as: Estelle-35, Diane-35, Chloe, Bellune 35


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