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Clearinol Spray (Ectoin) 20 ml


CLEARINOL Spray 20 ml


One package contains 1 bottle.

  • Active Ingredient: Each bottle contains 20 ml solution of Ectoin.
Pharmacological Group:

Nasal spray.

Therapeutic Activity

Prevents and alleviates symptoms of allergic Rhinitis.


  • Hypersensitivity to the Ectoin or to any of the ingredients;
  • nasal operation or injures of the nose.

Bitop AG, Germany.


Also known as: Life Ectoin Allergy Nasal Spray, Ectoalerg, Marisol Ectoin, Vividrin, Ectoin Rhinitis, Bausch & Lomb Artelac Ectoin, Ectoin Sicca nasal spray

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