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Atherosclerosis treatment


AL-Protector BV: a powerful and natural plaque eliminator

AL-Protector BV, a natural preparation, dissolves cholesterol plaques. It prevents the development of atherosclerosis complications, myocardial infarction and cerebral hemorrhage. 

Each pill of AL-Protector BV Alishech contains:
- Serrapeptase (special dosage), a substance extracted from mulberry silkworm
- The biocomplex (microelements) of the Dead Sea
All the ingredients are completely natural! This is a biologically active additive (BAA)


It is no secret that sclerotic changes in blood vessels are observed in each of us. Atherosclerosis is the greatest problem for the elderly, but it appears that it is so for younger people as well. The process of cholesterol plaque deposition is a slow one, and it starts approximately after the age of 20. The speed of this process depends on the genetic predisposition. There are known cases of such plaques found in 10-year-old children. Apart from the genetic predisposition, the process is influenced by the environment and the overall health. For instance, high blood cholesterol level and high blood pressure speed up the process. Diabetes makes the process 4-5 times as fast. A special case, the most dangerous and extreme case of atherosclerosis manifestation in the blood vessels of the heart is myocardial infarction. Infarction can be caused not only by a complete blood vessel occlusion but also by a partial one, for example when stress occurs causing a spasm of the vessel. Lack of vessel elasticity doesn’t allow it to expand and to deliver a sufficient amount of blood to the heart muscle. In such a case, necrosis of the heart muscle tissue occurs within two hours. The second, and equally important, complication is cerebral hemorrhage. The most significant studies on this subject were undertaken in the USA during the Corean war. It was then that all those over 25 years of age were found to have atherosclerosis to a greater or lesser degree 

Our professionals have developed a formula based on a group of enzymes, the main one of which is Serrapeptase, on extracts from plants grown in the Judean Desert, with addition of a biocomplex (microelements) of the Dead Sea, which prevents cholesterol plaques from appearing in blood vessels. The enzymes included in the formula dissolve the plaque partially. Apart from that, the formula prevents thrombus formation on existing plaques in the vessels, thus preventing the development of atherosclerosis complications, such as myocardial infarction and cerebral hemorrhage. 

After a 3-month course of treatment with AL-Protector BV: 
At the follow-up examination, about 70% of the people observe reduction of cholesterol plaques and improved blood supply of the relevant organs 

As for the symptoms:
Patients with carotid artery problems get rid of dizziness 
Patients with heart problems get rid of dyspnea, they can walk longer distances than before the treatment 

Directions for use: 
It is recommended to take two pills per day in the morning and in the evening with a meal. 
It is especially recommended for those who had a Doppler scan of carotid arteries because of headaches, and they were found to be partially occluded. 

What you have to do after taking a course of the AL Protector BV pills:
Those who have an occluded carotid artery, need to undergo a Doppler ultrasound scan to see if the artery has been freed from plaques 
Those who have occluded vessels of the heart, need to undergo a virtual cardiography to see if the vessels have been freed from plaques

Contraindications: hypersensitivity to serrapeptase. 

Manufacturer - Alishech, Israel
Feel free to ask questions concerning treatment to an Israeli doctor: [email protected]

International Quality CertificateComplies with SI ISO 9001:2008. License No. 56855.

Purchase include:
+ AL Protector BV (60 pills. To take 1 pill twice a day. Course 1 month) - 91$
+ AL Protector BV (60 pills. To take 1 pill twice a day. Course 1 month) - 91$
+ AL Protector BV (60 pills. To take 1 pill twice a day. Course 1 month) - 91$
+ Home delivery + Warranty - 52$ 
Total - 325$ US



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