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Sulfa-P treatment plan + Xatral


Sulfa-P treatment regimen (in prostatitis with urination disorders)

Kit of medicines for the treatment of non-bacterial and bacterial prostatitis (with urination disorders, such as: when passing urine a little or no urine).

Indicated for self-treatment of following kinds of prostatitis:

  • Bacterial prostatitis
  • Abacterial prostatitis
  • Chronic prostatitis
Medications kit contain:
  • 210$ Sulfa-P-Formula 3 bottles 25 pills each (75 pills in total)
    (for the treatment regimen within 63 days)
  • 80$ Alishech Antibiotic Activator 2 bottles 30 pills each
    (for the treatment regimen within 60 days)
  • 80$ Probiotic Alishech 2 bottles 30 pills each
    (for the treatment regimen within 60 days)
  • 50$ Xatral XL 10 mg 30 tablets x 1 pack
    (for the treatment regimen within 30 days)
    Total payment 420 USD

Each pill of Sulfa P Formula contains:

  • Sulfamethoxazole 500 mg (It is a chemotherapeutic - sulfonamide)
  • Bio-complex (microelements) of the Dead Sea


  • 1 pill 2 times a day (morning and evening) for three weeks
  • Afterwards, 1 pill once a day (at night) for three weeks
  • Afterwards, half a pill once a day (at night) for three weeks

Pills should be taken 30 minutes after a meal.

Allowed to drink alcohol (not much!) during treatment process.

Side effects

Headaches or diarrhea may occur in patients sensitive to sulfanilamides.


Alishech, Israel


In case of painful urination

If symptoms of dysuria (urination disorder) are present, it is recommended to take Xatral XL 10mg for the first 30 days of Sulfa P Formula course in order to ease painful urination.

Recommendation to prevent dysbacteriosis

In order to prevent intestinal flora disorder (dysbacteriosis), it is recommend to take Alishech Probiotic 1 capsule once a day at dinner.

Additional details

Available for purchase the full medications kit

Buy Sulfa P Formula + Xatral XL 10 mg + Alishech Probiotic


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