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Actiq 400 mcg (Fentanyl as citrate) 30 lozenges


ACTIQ 400 mcg

Each package contains 30 lozenges.

  • Active Ingredient: Each lozenge contains Fentanyl (as citrate) 400 mcg.
Pharmacological Group:

Opioid analgesic.

Therapeutic Activity

Managesthe breakthrough pain in patients already receiving maintenance opioid therapy for chronic cancer pain.


  • Hypersensitivity to active ingredients, or to any of other ingredients;
  • patients with an increased risk of respiratory depression;
  • acute pain other than breakthrough pain;
  • simultaneous use of monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAO inhibitors), or within 2 weeks after the cessation of the use of MAO inhibitors;
  • severe respiratory depression or severe obstructive lung conditions.

Teva Pharma Ltd., Israel.


Also known as: Fentanyl Citrate, Durogesic, Matrifen, Fendivia, Fentora Buccal Tablet, Lunaldin, Fentanyl Kalceks

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