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Anastrol 1 mg (Anastrozole) 30 tabl


Anastrol 1 mg

Used in oncology

Active ingredient - Anastrozole

30 pills

Manufacturer - Perrigo Israel Pharmaceuticals, Israel.

The uses of the Anastrozole substance

Adjuvant treatment of early breast gormon-positive women cancer in postmenopausal period; treatment of advanced breast women cancer in postmenopausal period; adjuvant therapy of early breast women cancer gormon-positive in postmenopausal period after tamoxifen therapy for 2-3 years.


Hypersensitivity; premenopause period; concomitant therapy with tamoxifen or drugs containing estrogen; severe renal impairment (creatinine clearance).

Possible side effects

  • Nervous system: asthenia; sleep disorders; anxiety; depression; headache; dizziness; sensory disturbances in the limbs; "carpal tunnel" syndrome.
  • Cardiovascular system: hypertension; thrombophlebitis; thrombosis; peripheral edema.
  • Hematopoietic system: anemia; leukopenia with / without secondary infections.
  • Respiratory system: sinusitis; rhinitis; bronchitis; pharyngitis; dyspnea.
  • Digestive system: deterioration of appetite; nausea; vomiting; constipation or diarrhea; dry mouth; increased blood cholesterol indicators; increased levels of alkaline phosphatase; AST and ALT (in patients with liver metastases).
  • Allergic symptoms are: itchy skin; rash; erythema multiforme; Stevens-Johnson syndrome.
  • There are possible: sickliness in muscles, joints; pain in the chest, back; reduced joint mobility; trigger finger from musculoskeletal system.
  • Others side effects: excessive sweating; flu-like syndrome; thinning hair, alopecia; changes in body weight.

It is not allowed Anastrozole medication for pregnant women and during lactation period.

Interaction with other drugs

Estrogen and tamoxifen reduced pharmacological effect of Anastrozole.

Special instructions

In the presence of women receptor-negative estrogen tumor Anastrozole does not demonstrate efficiency, except of cases of a positive therapeutic response to tamoxifen. It is necessary to confirm menopause by blood definition of sex hormones to clearly define women hormonal status.

If there is utering bleeding at the time of Anastrozole medication - patient need to consult a gynecologist.

As Anastrozole lowers estradiol levels, it may cause decrease bone mineral density. So, if there is osteoporosis or its development, it is necessary to densitometry measure by bone density in the start of treatment and during it. It is necessary to refuse perform activities requiring precision reactions during Anastrozole medication.


Known as: Vero-anastrosol, Anastrex, Egistrazol, Anastrozole-Teva, Arimidex, Magnum Anastrol, Anastera, Axastrol, Anabrez, Anastrozole Sun, Anazales, Selana

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