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Androcur 10 mg (CYPROTERONE ACETATE) 15 tabl


Androcur 10 mg

Treatment of prostate carcinoma.

Active ingredient - Cyproterone acetate 10 mg

15 pills

Indications and usage of Cyproterone

  • For men – unresectable or metastatic prostate cancer (without and after orchiectomy, as well as in combination with agonists of gonadotropin releasing hormone – GnRH), hypersexuality.
  • For women – denominated phenomenon of androgenization (including severe hirsutism, severe alopecia, severe forms of acne and seborrhea).
  • For children – precocious sexual development.


Hypersensitivity, severe renal failure, hepatic tumor, including in anamnesis (except metastatic liver lesions with prostate cancer), Dubin-Johnson syndrome, Rotor syndrome, depression (severe forms), thromboembolic syndrome, pregnancy and lactation.

Limitations of use

It is necessary to assess the possible benefits and risks of negative effects of treatment for a person. Patients with carcinoma of the prostate in the presence of severe diabetes with vascular events, sickle cell anemia, thromboembolism, cachexia (if it is not associated with prostate cancer) should use it only as prescribed.

Should not be used by adolescences (until the completion of puberty), women with herpes gestationis (in anamnesis), pregnant women with idiopathic jaundice (in anamnesis).

Pregnancy and lactation

Cyproterone is counter-indicative during pregnancy (before the start of therapy women should pass general medical and gynecological examination, a condition for the start of therapy is the lack of pregnancy). At the time of treatment women should stop breast-feeding (cyproterone passes into breast milk).

Side effects of cyproterone

Stomach pain, nausea, undue fatigability, dry skin, anxiety or depression, fatigue, impaired concentration, water retention, weight change, allergic reactions. At higher doses – liver function abnormality.

For men – the suppression of spermatogenesis (decreased the ability to fertilize, usually recover in 3-4 months after discontinuation of the drug), gynecomastia (also in combination with high tactile sensitivity and tenderness of the nipple).

For women – a feeling of tension in the mammary glands, the suppressing of ovulation.

For children – suppression of the adrenal cortex (with high-dose therapy), hepatic failure. With the rapid intramuscular injection – cough, breathlessness.


Store below 25°C.


Bayer, Delpharm Lille SAS, Francia

License Number:

Androcur 10 mg 020 60 21123 00


Known as: Androcur® Depot, Cyproterone, Siterone, Cyproterone-Teva, Cyproplex, Diane-35, Cyprostat, Mediteron, Cyproterona Generis, Dianette, Cypron, Ginette 35, Cyprocur

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