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Endoxan (CYCLOPHOSPHAMIDE) 500 mg 20 ml/ml botl



The main operating (active) ingredient in composition: Cyclophosphamide

The pharmaceutical release form: Endoxan 1 g/20 ml flask (a powder which is used for preparation of the injections solution)

Indications for medical use:

This medical product is used in the complex therapy for treatment of the particular types of cancer such as:

 Lymphoma;

 Myeloma of different etiology;

 Neuroblastoma (NB);

 Fungiform granuloma (granuloma fungoideum);

 Cancers of the breast, ovaries, eyes.

It is also used for treatment of various kidney diseases (for example, nephrotic syndrome) at children and in some cases according to a doctor's prescription.

Cyclophosphamide has an antitumor effect, stops or delay the growth and spread of cancer cells.

Contraindications for use:

 an allergic reaction to any component of the drug;

 disfunction of the bone marrow;

 the first trimester of pregnancy, state of lactation;

 simultaneous acceptance of pharmaceutical substances disabling tumor necrosis factor (TNF) (for example, etanercept).

You should immediately consult with a specialist in medicine if you meet any of the above mentioned contraindications.

The injections of cyclophosphamide are typically produced in a hospital environment. For the usage in home conditions a nurse should teach you the proper injection procedure. If any questions appear, contact a medical specialist.

Common side effects:

Any drug can cause the appearance of side effects but in most people they do not manifest at all or manifest in a mild form. Ask for the help of specialist if any of the following side effects become permanent and persists for a long time:

 an apparent deterioration of appetite;

 a general feeling of malaise, weakness;

 an absence of menstruation;

 constipation, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting;

 pain or discomfort in the stomach;

 hair loss, nails lamination;

 change of the skin color, rash.

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