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Femara 2.5 mg (Letrozole) 30 tabl


Femara 2.5 mg

Used for treatment of breast cancer

Active ingredient - Letrozole

30 pills

Manufacturer - Novartis, Switzerland


Breast cancer (in advanced forms) in postmenopausal period women (with natural or artificially induced), previously treated antiestrogens.


Hypersensitivity, endocrine status, usual for premenopausal period. Pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Contraindicated during pregnancy! Lactating women should refuse breastfeeding.

Side effects

There are possible headache, weakness, nausea, peripheral edema, hot flushes, hair thinning, rash (mild or moderate).


Known as: Letrozole-Teva, Lezra, Letrozole Pharmacenter, Letrozole Apotex, Etruzil, Lestrodeks, Letrozole-Akri, Oreta, Letrosan, Nexazole, Letrotera, Estrolet, Extraza, Letrozolum, Letroz, Letrose, Letrozole Tablets USP, Letronat, Trozet, Fempro, Letrozole Actavis, Let Rejun, Letoval, Letrozol, Apo-Letrozole, Letromina, Letrofem

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