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Bondormin 0.25 mg (Brotizolam) 10 tabl



Sleeping drug.

10 pills


Active Ingredient:

Brotizolam 0.250 mg

Inactive Ingredients

Lactose, common starch, cellulose microcrystalline, sodium starch glycollate, magnesium stearate. Each tablet contains approximately 82 mg of lactose.

Pharmacological Group:

Benzodiazepine group

Therapeutic Activity:

Bondormin is indicated for the treatment of insomnia.

Side effects:

Side effects may appear during the course of treatment and may include decrease in alertness, drowsiness during the day, disturbances in the digestive system and headache.

If these side effects persist or/and are bothersome, please consult your doctor.


Should be stored below 25°C.


Rafa Israel

Drug Registration Number:

120 37 26021


Known as - Lendormin, Brotizolam teva

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