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Fluvoxamine 50 mg (Fluvoxamine maleate) 60 tabl


Fluvoxamine 50 mg

Class: an antidepressant selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor

Active ingredient: Fluvoxamine maleate 50 mg

60 tablets

Manufacturer: Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. Israel

Therapeutic indications

Treatment of obsessively-compulsive and panic disorders, severe depression, an anxiety disorder among children, disturbances associated with dementia (of nonpsychotic patients), posttraumatic stress disorders, a social phobia as well as paraphilia/hypersexuality.


The combined use of Tizanidine, Thioridazine, Pimozide and Alositronom; joint reception with MAOIs in the range of 14 days.

The adverse reactions

The most abundant clinical reactions discovered through the research works among adult patients with the OCD and depression (usually an average of 5% and twice frequently than the placebo application) were nausea, somnolence, insomnia, fatigue, nervousness, indigestion, ejaculation disorders, sweating, anorexia, tremors and vomiting. By the same principle have identified the other results: anorgasmia, decreased libido, dry mouth, rhinitis, gustatory sensitivity disorder and frequent urination of patients with OCD; anxiety, depression, dysmenorrhea, flatulence, hyperkinesia, and rash among children and adolescents up to 18 years with OCD.

Known as: Fluvoxamine Maleate, Luvox, Fevarin, Fluvoxin, Ocifree-SR, Faxima, Voxatal, Fluvoxamine Tablets BP, Uvox, Floxyfral, Fluxam, Favoxil, Alset, Fluvoska


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