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Adrenalin 1 mg/ml 25 amp



Each package contains 25 ampoules.

  • Active Ingredient: Each ampoule contains Adrenaline acid tartrate equivalent to 1 mg of Adrenaline.
Pharmacological Group:

Direct-acting sympathomimetic agent.

Therapeutic Activity

Is given to provide rapid relief of severe hypersensitivity reaction to drugs and other allergens, and in the emergency treatment of anaphylactic shock.


  • Hypersensitivity to the Adrenaline;
  • labor, local anaesthesia of peripheral structures including digits and ear lobe;
  • The presence of ventricular fibrillation, cardiac dilatation, coronary insufficiency, organic brain disease or atherosclerosis, except in emergencies where the potential benefit clearly outweighs the risk.

Concordia International, United Kingdom


Also known as: Adrenaline Tartrate Injection, Adrenaline Hydrochloride, Adrinor, Eрinephrine bitartrate, Epitrate Ophthalmic Solutions, Vasocon, Adrenicure

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