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Anhydrol Forte 60 ml (aluminum chloride hexahydrate)


Anhydrol Forte 60 ml

Used to reduce underarm sweating

Active ingredient: 20% W/V aluminum chloride hexahydrate


Manufacturer: Dermal Laboratories Ltd., UK

What is ‘Anhydrol Forte’ and when it applies

Anhydrol Forte is:

  1. An agent for treating of excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) of the underarms, hands or feet;
  2. A product that is equally suitable for children, adults and elderly people;
  3. Antiperspirant with aluminum chloride hexahydrate as the active ingredient, which allows:
    • To reduce sweating by blocking the sweat ducts;
    • Ensure a deodorant effect by the bacteria annihilation that causes an unpleasant odor.


Do not use Anhydrol Forte if you have an allergy to aluminum chloride hexahydrate or denatured alcohol - another component of this cure. Be especially careful when using this product:

  • Treat only underarms, hands or feet;
  • Vefore treatment, make sure that the skin is completely dry;
  • Do not treat damaged or irritated skin (after shaving or depilation should pass at least 12 hours);
  • Avoid a substance contact with the eyes, nose, and mouth;
  • Avoid leaks as its likely harm you, your clothes or other property:
    1. Do not shake the container;
    2. Do not attempt to remove the bulb;
    3. The cover must be tightly closed during the storage.
  • Keep in mind that the product highly flammable - keep it away from the flame.
  • Do not shave or epilate the hair within 12 hours before and after the Anhydrol-Forte using.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Anhydrol Forte can be used during pregnancy and lactation. The components of this product have been widely used over many years with no reports, but safety tests were not carried out.

Possible undesired effects

Like any other medication, Anhydrol Forte may cause the side effects in some patients. A conventional reaction to this treatment is the skin irritation and reddening at the application place. As a rule, it is a feeble and short-lived effect. If you’re feeling a significant discomfort, try using this medicament less or try to apply hydrocortisone ointment for irritation relieve. The product contact with clothing, fabrics, jewelry, metal and polished surfaces can cause them a permanent damage.

Known as: Drysol Extra Strength, Driclor


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