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Trimix Extra Forte (Alprostadil 40 mcg, Papaverine 20 mg, Phentolamine 2 mg) 50 ml bottle


TRIMIX Extra Forte

Solution for injections

50 ml bottle

Used to treat erectile dysfunction

Enough for 125 doses / injections (with an average dose of 0.4 cm3)

Active ingredient:
  • Alprostadil – 40 mcg,
  • Papaverine - 20 mg,
  • Phentolamine - 2 mg.


This medication is a combination of both prostaglandins and papaverine. Their combined action causes an increase in blood flow and retention of blood in the penis. Prostaglandins are known as mediators and their activity has wide array of strong physiological effects in the body. One of such effects is regulating the contraction and relaxation of smooth muscle tissue. Prostaglandins are not hormones and they are not produced in the body in a single location, but instead, they are secreted in many different tissues throughout the human body.

Trimix is a mixture of two prostaglandins, phentolamine and alprostadil, plus papaverine (a vasodilator) that together increase overall blood flow to the penis, resulting in strong and lasting erections, regardless of sexual stimulation. These medications appear to act synergistically to increase arterial inflow, dilate smooth muscles in the arterial walls, and restrict venous outflow from the penis, promoting erectile rigidity with greater success, and in smaller doses, than if these pharmacological agents were administered individually.

The correct way to utilize Trimix is through direct injection into the side of the penis, through a fine- gauge “insulin-style” needle in very small amounts (0.1-0.5cc) that then increase blood flow to the penis. This results in strong and lasting erections.

Side effects

The main possible side effect reported when using Trimix is causing hematomas, or bruising, and fibrosis if it’s used too frequently and on the same injection site. Pain, and priapism (dangerously long-lasting erections) are also commonly reported adverse reactions. Priapism may sound like a great experience, but this can literally damage your penis permanently by causing gangrene of the penile tissue after blood coagulates inside it after stagnation.


It is vitally important to never to use Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra before, or at the same time as, you use this medication. This combination is dangerous and can considerably increase the risk of suffering priapism. Be especially careful with Cialis, since this medication can remain in your bloodstream for a longer time, compared to the other medications.


Alishech, Israel


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