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Regitin (Phentolamine 10 mg) 50 ml bottle



Solution for injections

50 ml bottle

Used to treat erectile dysfunction

Enough for 160 doses / injections (with an average dose of 0.3 cm3)

Active ingredient:
  • Phentolamine - 10 mg


This medication is given by injection, which causes the body’s blood vessels to expand, therefore increasing blood flow. When injected into the penis (intracavernosal injection), the result is an increase in blood flow to the penis, which in turn results in an erection.


This medication should not be used to enhance sexual performance by men who do not suffer from diagnosed erectile dysfunction. If this drug is misused, the penis can suffer permanent damage, as well as lose the ability to have erections.

Side effects

The most common side effects reported are as follows; these side effects may resolve on their own during treatment, as your body’s metabolism adjusts to this drug.

  • burning (mild) along penis
  • difficulty in ejaculating
  • lumps in the penis
  • Bruising or bleeding at place of injection
  • Dizziness
  • erection continuing for more than 4 hours, or painful erection
  • swelling at place of injection

During application, phentolamine is injected into the penis. This may cause a certain tingling sensation at the tip of the penis; however, this is normal and should not be a source of concern. If the patient applies an excessive amount of injections, their erection may become so persistent and last an excessive amount of time; it also does not reverse as usual. This medical condition is known as priapism, and its consequences can be very dangerous to the penile tissue. If the effect cause by priapism is not fully reversed, the penis’ blood supply may be cut off and cause permanent damage to its tissues.


Alishech, Israel


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