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Atherosclerosis treatment


AL-Protector BV

Cholesterol plaques cleaner in the blood vessels

Each pill of AL-Protector BV Alishech contains:
- Biocomplex of microelements of the Dead Sea, Judean Desert plants
- Serrapeptase (special dosage), substance extracted from mulberry silkworm
All the ingredients are completely natural! This is a Biologically Active Additive (BAA)

After a 3-month course of treatment with AL-Protector BV: 
At the follow-up examination, about 70% of the people observe reduction of cholesterol plaques and improved blood supply of the relevant organs 

As for the symptoms:
Patients with carotid artery problems get rid of dizziness 
Patients with heart problems get rid of dyspnea, they can walk longer distances than before the treatment 

Directions for use: 
It is recommended to take two pills per day in the morning and in the evening with a meal. 
It is especially recommended for those who had a Doppler scan of carotid arteries because of headaches, and they were found to be partially occluded. 

What you have to do after taking a course of the AL Protector BV pills:
Those who have an occluded carotid artery, need to undergo a Doppler ultrasound scan to see if the artery has been freed from plaques 
Those who have occluded vessels of the heart, need to undergo a virtual cardiography to see if the vessels have been freed from plaques

Contraindications: hypersensitivity to serrapeptase. 


Produced by Alishech, Israel

Purchase include:
+ AL Protector BV (60 pills, to take 1 pill twice a day during 1 month) - $90
+ AL Protector BV (60 pills, to take 1 pill twice a day during 1 month) - $90
+ AL Protector BV (60 pills, to take 1 pill twice a day during 1 month) - $90
+ Shipping + Delivery guarantee - $50
Total - 320$ US



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