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Probiotic Formula Alishech 1 vial, 30 capsules


Alishech Probiotic Formula

30 capsules

About Alishech Probiotic

The word probiotic comes from the ancient Greek "for life", and they’re groups of numerous microorganisms that positively affect the human body. The microorganisms that belong to the probiotic group are responsible for the normal functioning of our digestive system, immunity enhancement against disease-causing microorganisms, as well as for the production of vitamins inside the body. These microorganisms do not grow in the human body by themselves, so there is a need for their external consumption.

The human body maintains a delicate balance between microorganisms from probiotics, and microorganisms and fungi responsible for the development of various diseases. The lack of probiotics contributes to a weakening of the body’s defense system body and bring about the appearance of various bacterial and fungal infections. Using antibiotics to treat the infections only complicates the problem.

Among the serious complications that can arise from taking antibiotics is dysbacteriosis, occurring when there is an imbalance between different groups of microorganisms, most often in favor of negative ones. This is why doctors have recently began to prescribe probiotics for the same amount of time you take antibiotics.

Over the past three years, specialists working in the Alishech Clinic prescribe antibiotic treatment only alongside probiotics. A course of probiotics for once a month, once per year will be favorable for people who are in good health. It will strengthen the body's defenses for the following year.

The Alishech Probiotic contains microorganisms such as:

  • L. (Lactobacillus) Acidophilus - 1 billion active microbes
  • L. Reuteri – 1 billion active microbes
  • L. Paracasei – 1 billion active microbes
  • L. Rhamnosus – 1 billion active microbes
  • L. Casei – 1 billion active microbes
  • L. Plantarum – 0,5 billion active microbes
  • B. (Bifidobacterium) lactis – 1 billion active microbes
  • L. Salivarius – 0,5 billion active microbes.

Therefore, one capsule contains 7 billion microorganisms.

It is advisable to take one capsule per day with a meal (preferably in the evening).


Manufactured in Progressive Labs, Israel, on request of Alishech.



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