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Alishech Antibiotic Activator 30 cap


Alishech Antibiotic Activator

30 capsules

Used to increase of antibiotic effetivency

About Alishech Antibiotic Activator

The advent of antibiotics took the treatment of many infectious diseases to a surprisingly advanced level and allowed for the extension of the lives of millions of people. However, their widespread use in recent decades led to the emergence of many bacterial strains that are resistant to these drugs. For this reason, the pharmacological industry constantly offers new developments regarding efficiency, which also depends on the adaptability rate of bacterial flora which in recent years has increased considerably compared to where it was 20 years ago. Pharmacologists were urged to search for a drug with an antibiotic enhancing effect, and it was finally found. It turned out to be a special enzyme secreted by silkworms, for which a number of important scientific works are devoted to. This enzyme is contained in the digestive system of silkworms, and this proteolytic (protein destructive) enzyme is actually responsible for the dissolution of worm cocoons.

In the alternative medicine of some ethnic groups, far from modern civilization, this enzyme has been used as an anti-inflammatory agent for a very long time, and this fact was what initially attracted the attention of scientists. Research shows that the enzyme helps to thin the sputum and to reduce the surface area of bacterial biofilms. Thus, the likelihood of formation of an inflammation area in the body is reduced, because bacteria have very little chance to be affixed to each other. Simultaneous prescription of this enzyme with an antibiotic during clinical tests showed a synergy of these two drugs and an enzyme reduction of the bacterial biofilm, which prevented antibiotics from destroying it. As a result, after prescribing the enzyme, a significant increase of the antibiotic’s effects was confirmed. Some reports showed multiple increases in antibiotic bactericidal properties. Mainly, this concerns drugs like Ofloxacin.

Thanks to the latest developments of specialists working in the Alishech clinic, we have not prescribed any type of antibiotic without the Alishech Antibiotic Activator in recent years. With the enzyme, each capsule contains:

  • BIO-complex of Dead Sea,
  • Trace Elements, enhancing the enzyme’s effects.

Produced by Progressive labs in collaboration with Alishech, Israel



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