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Duotrav 2.5 ml (Travoprost, Timolol) Eye Drops


DUOTRAV 2.5 ml

1 bottle

Active ingredients:
  • Travoprost 40 mcg/mL
  • Timolol 5 mg/mL


DuoTrav eye drop solution is used to reduce high pressure in the eyes by utilizing a combination of Travoprost and Timolol. Travoprost is a prostaglandin analogue that lowers pressure in the eye by increasing the outflow of aqueous fluid. Timolol is a beta blocker that reduces fluid production within the eye. The two substances work together to reduce pressure in adults and the elderly and decrease the chances of developing glaucoma.

Side effects

Common side effects include blurry or abnormal vision, swollen conjunctiva, increased eyelash growth, light sensitivity, increased tear productions, decreased vision, allergy in the eye, fatigued eyes, darkening of skin around the eye, inflammation of the iris, changes in color of the eyelid, and itchiness, redness, pain, swelling, dryness, discomfort, inflammation, or irritation of the eyes or eyelids.


Do not administer DuoTrav to patients with severe hay fever, cloudy surfaces on the eye, slow or irregular heartbeat, heart failure, or a history of respiratory issues, such as asthma or severe chronic obstructive bronchitis, which can cause wheezing, long-standing cough, and difficulty breathing.


S.A. Alcon-Couvreur N.V., Belgium


Also known as: Travoprost + Timolol Maleate Eye Drop, Travoprost/Timolol Zentiva, Travacom, T-BET, Biotrav-T, Travast Plus, Travatan, Travapress, Glautan


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