Phenobarbital: side effects

Phenobarbital: side effects

Phenobarbitone belongs to the barbiturate concept and also known as phenobarbital or phenobarb.

Phenobarbitone is used for the treatment of epilepsy and for the prevention of fits. It is indicated for the treatment of generalized tonicoclonic epileptic states and partial seizures. It has sedative-hypnotic properties.

Phenobarbital (phenobarbitone) is not recommended for using by:

  • people suffering from barbiturate allergy;
  • people with dangerous bradypnea and shallow breathing (severe acedia);
  • people with the hereditary blood abnormality called acute intermittent porphyria;
  • people with severe renal impairment;
  • people with serious hepatic diseases.

The aforesaid medicinal product is not to be used if you have allergy for one or any of its components. Please let your doctor or pharmacist know if you have previously had such allergy. In case if you are sensing that you have allergic reaction emerging, stop using this medicinal product immediately and inform your doctor or pharmacist about it.

Probable phenobarbital (phenobarbitone) side effects

Medicines and their potential side effects can affect individuals in a number of ways. Hereafter some of the side effects which are related to this medicinal product (as it had been determined) are described. It is worth noting that the side effects following do not mean that one or another side effect will be observed from all people taking this medicinal product.

  • Somnolence.
  • Behavior inadequacy.
  • Unusual excitement.
  • Hyperactivity, especially in children and senile people.
  • Thinking difficulty.
  • Memory problems.
  • Vision or hearing things that are not in existence (hallucinations).
  • Acedia.
  • Irritancy.
  • Bradypnea, shallow breathing (respiratory depression).
  • Low blood pressure (hypotonia).
  • Staggering and unstable walking (ataxia).
  • Rapid involuntary eye movements (nystagmus).
  • Hepatic inflammation (hepatitis).
  • Bone softening (osteomalacia).
  • Abnormalities of normal blood cell number in the blood.
  • Severe allergic skin reactions such as toxic epidermal necrolysis or Stevens-Johnson syndrome.

Side effects mentioned above could not include all the side effects announced by medicine manufacturer. For more information about any other likely risks related to this medicinal product please read the insert for this medicinal product or have a consultation with your doctor or pharmacist.

If you consider that you had a side effect from a medicine or vaccine, you ought to check the patient information sheet. The side effects known are indicated and information about your actions in case you meet with them is provided in such a sheet. Also you can have a consultation with your doctor, sick nurse or pharmacist. If they deem it necessary, they will present you the information you need.

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