When can you take STILNOX

When can you take STILNOX

STILNOX helps to stimulate and support sleep for people with sleeping troubles, so called insomnia.

This medicine should not be used more than 4 weeks in succession.

STILNOX has a structural formula different from other sleeping tablets. STILNOX binds to special zones in the human brain responsible for sleep production.
However, your doctor can prescribe it for another reason.
Ask the doctor or pharmacy technician all the questions you have about why STILNOX has been assigned to you.
This drug is available only upon a prescription of a doctor.

Before taking STILNOX
When you shouldn’t take STILNOX

Never take STILNOX in case you have:
- drunk alcoholic beverages or you think that you could have alcohol in your blood;
- sleep apnea syndrome (temporal cessation of breathing during sleep);
- myasthenia gravis (weak and quickly tired muscles syndrome);
- serious lever troubles;
- serious or/and acute lung troubles.

Never take STILNOX in case of allergic response to it or any of the components from the list (see the end of this package leaflet.
Here are several symptoms of an allergic response: skin rash, shortbreathing or swelling of tongue, lips, eyelids and face, itching, which may result in difficult respiration or swallowing.
STILNOX is not a medicine for children or adolescents.
No tests have been carried out on STILNOX effect on any person under 18 years old.
Pregnant women or women who think to be pregnant should never take STILNOX.
Taking it during pregnancy may cause negative effect on the development of embryo and foetus. Ask your doctor about the benefits and risks of STILNOX during pregnancy.
Never take it if you breast-feed or are planning to do it.
STILNOX penetrates into maternal milk, so your baby may also receive the medicine. Discuss the risks and benefits of using STILNOX during breastfeeding.
Respect the expiry date (EXP) of the drug printed on the pack. Taken after the expiry date, it may do the appropriate effect.
Do not use the drug if the pack is damaged or has been already opened.

Before you start taking STILNOX
Inform your doctor about your allergic reaction to any of the ingredients marked in this product label.
Inform your doctor if you are pregnant (breastfeeding) at present or are going to get pregnant (to breastfeed) in the nearest future. As far as STILNOX can penetrate into maternal milk, discuss with the doctor all possible risks and benefits.
As most of the medicines of this type, STILNOX is not recommended for use during pregnancy. Ask your doctor about possible consequences.

Inform your practitioner about any breathing problems or snoring when you sleep.
Inform your practitioner if you have ever been alcohol, drug or medicine-addicted, or if you have ever suffered from a mental illness. In this case you may risk to get used to taking STILNOX.
Inform your practitioner if you suffer or have ever suffered from any syndrome, especially the following:
- liver, kidneys, lung problems;
- epileptic syndrome;
- depression;
- schizophrenia;
Inform your practitioner if you are going to have a surgical operation.
If you have forgotten to inform your doctor of anything mentioned above, tell him before you start taking STILNOX.

Concurrent administration with other medications
Inform your doctor about any other medications you take, including over-the-counter drugs from a drugstore or any other store or supermarket.
Some drugs may change the effect of STILNOX, such as medications for:
- depression, anxiety and mental illness treatment;
- epilepsy treatment;
- pain relief; 
- muscle relaxation;
- allergic reaction treatment (antihistamines);

as well as:
- St John's Wort (Latin name - Hypericum), a homeopathic remedy for depression treatment;
- antibiotic drugs for infection treatment, for example, rifampicin or ciprofloxacin;
- ketoconazole, which is used for antifungal infections treatment.
STILNOX may change the effect of these medications, or they may change its effectiveness – for example, they can increase somnolence. As a result, this may change your ability to drive a car or operate dangerous machinery. Perhaps, you will have to change the toy medicine dosage, or even change the medicine. Ask your practitioner about drug to avoid/to be careful with while taking STILNOX.

Take STILNOX only if you can sleep 7 to 8 hours together, before another active period. Take it in one dose and do not take the one more time during the same night.
The standard adult dose is one tablet of STILNOX (10 mg).
If you are 65 years old or more, take a half of a STILNOX tablet (5 mg).
for people with liver problems it is recommended to take a half of a STILNOX tablet (5 mg). You can augment the dosage till 10 mg, if necessary. 
Your practitioner may prescribe you a different dose. Use the lowest effective daily dose and do not exceed 10 mg per day.
For a correct dosage consult your doctor. Follow your practitioner’s advice.
In case of the wrong dose, STILNOX may give an inappropriate effect. An overdose may reduce your consciousness (see section “Overdose” below).
Never give STILNOX to children or teenagers under 18 years old.

When to take STILNOX
Take it just before going to bed or when you are in bed already.
STILNOX helps you to fall asleep quickly. If STILNOX is taken fasting it may effect more quickly. Your pharmacy technician or your practitioner would advise you the best moment to take it.

Course of administration
In general, STILNOX, as any other sleeping-aid medicine, should be taken only for short periods (like 2 to 4 weeks). Long continued use is not recommended if not advised by your practitioner. If you are not sure how to take it, ask your doctor or a pharmacy technician.

Eventual skip of STILNOX
If once you forget to take your STILNOX tablet before going to bed, and then you wake up late at night or early in the morning, do not take it.
You may hardly wake up at your normal time.
Consult your practitioner if you are not sure what to do.

If you have taken too much (overdosed)
If you suppose that you or any other person may have taken too much STILNOX, contact your doctor immediately or go to the nearest Emergency department.
Do this even if you observe no signs of discomfort or poisoning.
Perhaps you need urgent medical supervision.
Overdose of STILNOX may interfere your consciousness, ranging from drowsiness to light coma.

During the treatment period
You must:
- Inform all your practitioners, dentists and your pharmacy personnel that you take STILNOX.
- If you are going to start taking any new medication, inform your practitioner and pharmacist that you receive STILNOX treatment.
- If you are going to have a surgery under general anaesthesia, inform your practitioner or dentist about your current STILNOX treatment.
- If you get pregnant during STILNOX treatment, stop the treatment and consult your practitioner or pharmacist immediately.

You must never:
- Take more STILNOX than recommended unless your practitioner prescribes you to.
This may augment the risk of possible side effects.
Do not share this drug with somebody, even if they have the same symptoms as you.
Do not use STILNOX to treat any other troubles unless your practitioner tells you to.
Do not drink alcoholic beverages before or after taking this drug.
This may augment the risk of possible side effects.

Be very careful in the cases mentioned below:
As far as STILNOX makes people sleepy, never operate dangerous machines or drive motor vehicles during 8 hours after taking this drug. It is also recommended to be careful the next morning when you wake up.
Be sure you know your reaction to STILNOX before you start driving a car or operating any machine. This can be dangerous especially if you take any other medications that may also make you drowsy.
Be careful if you are more than 65 years old and feel sick, or take other medications.
It is possible that you are more sensitive to any of the side effects of STILNOX. Some patients may be more susceptible to the sedative effects of this medication, which may result in a possible fall.
Never drink alcoholic beverages during STILNOX treatment.
STILNOX may aggravate the effects of alcohol.

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