STILNOX Side effects

STILNOX Side effects

Side effects

All medications produce some undesirable side effects. Some of them are serious, but the major part of them are minor. Your practitioner or pharmacist has considered all possible risks of using STILNOX against the benefits it may give you.
Do not be afraid by the list of possible side effects below.
Probably you will not have any of them.
Inform your practitioner as soon as possible if you are unwell during STILNOX treatment.
This medication cures most people with sleeplessness, but it may produce undesirable side effects in some patients.

Inform your doctor if you observe any of the symptoms listed below, and it worries you:
aggravated insomnia
diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting
abdominal pain
muscle weakness
infections of the nose, throat and chest
These are the most common STILNOX side effects.

Less common negative effects include:
- Sudden changes in behavior, such as rage reactions, confusion and other forms of undesirable behavior.
- Such unusual and sometimes dangerous behaviors whilst asleep, as: walking, driving motor vehicles, preparing food and eating, making phone calls and having sexual intercourse. Patients experiencing these effects do not remember these acts.
Alcohol may aggravate the risk of sleep walking and other similar behaviors. The side effects of this kind may also happen without any alcohol consumption.
The side effects of this kind may take place at STILNOX usual recommended doses, but an overdose can increase their risk.

Some sleep drugs may result in a short-term loss of memory. In this case a person may not remember the events that have taken place during several hours after taking the drug. Generally it doesn’t matter as far as most patients fall asleep after taking STILNOX.
Usually sleep medicines are recommended to be used during short periods of time. If you continue to have sleeping problems, consult your practitioner.
Some drugs may cause addiction, especially in case of regular use for more than several weeks. People with alcohol or other drugs dependences in the past, may be more susceptible to a new addiction to sleep drugs. Inform your practitioner before starting STILNOX, if you have had any addictions in the past.

If you observe any of the symptoms mentioned below, stop taking STILNOX and consult your practitioner immediately, or go to the nearest Emergency department:
- swelling of the face, lips, mouth or throat, which may result breathing or swallowing difficulty;
- generalized rash;
- fainting spell.

Such serious side effects may occur in case of serious allergic reaction to STILNOX. It is possible that you need urgent medical supervision or even hospitalization.
Such side effects are extremely rare.
Inform your practitioner or pharmacy technician if you observe any other symptoms that make you feel sick.
Some patients may observe other side effects not listed above.
Do not get anxious about the above list of possible negative effects.
Probably, you will not have any of them.
Discuss with your practitioner or pharmacy technician everything that bothers you about side effects.

After taking STILNOX
A sudden interruption of a medication after a long treatment period may sometimes result in a withdrawal syndrome. Symptoms of withdrawal may include abdominal and muscle cramps, vomiting or excessive sweating.
Sometimes this can worsen your sleeping problems for a short time. In this case, consult your physician.
STILNOX trial participants had no such problems when they stopped taking this medication.
Inform your physician, if you observe any symptoms after the end of STILNOX treatment.
Ask your practitioner or pharmacist all the questions concerned this drug.

Storage conditions
Keep your STILNOX in the blister package until it is time to take the dose prescribed.
Keep the drug in a cool, dry place in the temperature below 25°C.
Do not store it in your bathroom, near the sink, or on a window ledge.
Never leave your drugs in the car, as far as heat and damp can damage them.
Always keep your medications out of reach of children.
A lockable cupboard 1m 50 cm high can be a good place for a medicine chest.

If your physician decides to stop your STILNOX treatment or the expiry date of your drug is over, bring it to your pharmacy. The pharmacy technician will take it or tell you what to do with the rest.

Description of the medicine:
STILNOX 10mg is a white, oblong scored tablet with a "SN10" mark.
STILNOX 10mg are available in pack of 7 or 14 tablets.
Active substance:
zolpidem 10mg
microcrystalline cellulose
sodium starch glycollate
magnesium stearate
titanium dioxide
macrogol 400

STILNOX is a gluten-free drug.

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  • Avatar
    Adam Kahan
    Dec 9, 2016

    FLUNITRAZEPAM is the best for sleep you will find better results and with benzoss. Ambien and imovane are Z drugs non benzos so would do the trick more effectively.

  • Avatar
    Courtney lamb
    Feb 20, 2017

    Panic anxiety for riding airplanes and social situations. Insomnia as well. Combination of both is difficult.

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